Welcome new members! The hungry compost heap looks forward to your waste

It looks like the new flyer at the Hackett shops, and perhaps the ones I left at the North Ainslie Primary School sustainability fair, are working their magic! The HCC has new contributors this week 🙂 Luckily, I turned over a section of the compost heap last weekend in preparation.

my glamorous life

The compost bin consists of 3 modules, but up till now I had only used the first two and the third had been full of dry leaves for a store of carbon rich material.

the system

On the cold Canberra morning I was excited to rug up and heave-ho and get the compost moving along. I moved the leaves to another part of the garden and then put my back into moving the partially composted materials from the middle section.

coming along nicely

The new collections will top off the first module nicely, and then I’ll look forward to turning that lot too!

I call it my ‘funny gnome lady outfit’


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