What is 'Better Than Compost'?

It is your opportunity to take our enriched and highly concentrated output home to give your plant babies a powerful boost. The modest 3L bag of magic is designed to sprinkle onto potted plants or balcony boxes (or any garden bed, really) to give your plants the ultimate top up, all while knowing that you’re part of a climate beneficial journey. 

How is it better?

Not all compost is created equal, and you’ll soon see how Capital Scraps excels - for us it's all about the carbon we can trap in a way that remains more stable in soils. Our composting processes go further and maximise the climate benefits from food scraps to produce this far superior by-product which has the added benefit of creating healthier gardens of all sizes.

Where can you purchase this magical substance to give your favourite plants a boost?

Currently, you can purchase 'Better Than Compost' ($15 per 3L bag) through selected local market stalls and specific events, check our socials or visit this page for updates.

How does our particular composting produce superior outcomes and store more carbon?

All organic matter is predominantly carbon. Carbon is the macronutrient that has historically been overlooked and underappreciated. It’s abundant – but also dynamic. The different forms that the carbon takes (thanks to the microbes and larger life forms who continually reshape it) determine how it is used. Importantly for our climate – some forms are more likely to quickly turn into carbon dioxide or even more damaging greenhouse gases.

Composting is traditionally thought of as a pathway of degradation – taking carbon forms and breaking them down, ultimately to carbon dioxide that escapes to the atmosphere.

But we know it’s not a simple downward pathway – microbes are more sophisticated than you might think! And they store carbon in the same way that we store fat in our bodies – to take advantage of the good times and secure resources for the leaner times. It’s even more complicated than that – there is an amazing world at that microscopic level. The fantastic news for us all is that we are learning tricks to steward these activities for healthier outcomes for plants, our atmosphere and therefore also us!

Better than compost - Care and use instructions

A little goes a long way

This enriched, concentrated product is perfect for sprinkling on top of potted plants or veggie beds. It pairs perfectly with fertilisers or biostimulant products. Think of it as a cross between a mulch and scaffolding for gingerbread-style houses for soil microbes to set up home in.

Fully compostable packaging

We package the goodness in fully compostable packaging (yes, including the small pieces of clear tape). This also allows the bag to breathe. After all, the 'better than compost' product is alive, and moist.


Not using the full 3L all at once? You may notice a little fungal growth on the paper bag. This is nothing to worry about! You can purchase the custom aeration tray or use a ceramic pot plant saucer/plate underneath the bag.

Best kept in a shady, weather protected corner (eg. on a balcony or garden/laundry shelf). Your 'Better than compost' bag is supplied at an optimal moisture content but don't stress if it dries out. The microbial life will revive and recolonise once wetted in your pot plants.

Thursday morning drop-off

  • Not in our collection zone? Anyone in Canberra can pledge with us. When we reach 50 pledges in an area then we can staff a new scraps pick-up route.

  • Drop your scraps to us in Haig Park, Braddon on Thursday mornings, 8-9 am

    Drops-offs incur a $3.50 service fee unless you are already subscribed to our composting service.

    Braddon, at our Haig Park composter, near the top of Mort st, in between Northbourne and the public toilet. (see map ref)

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