We're super excited that you're interested in becoming a member of the HCC! Before we collect your contact details, we'd like to give you a little info about what to expect as we get you set up.

Getting Started

1. Select your suburb and collection schedule

The HCC currently provides collection services in Hackett, Watson, Downer, Dickson, North Ainslie, Braddon and along the Sullivan's creek bike path. Hackett is serviced twice weekly, other locations once weekly. Not in one of these suburbs? Request to sign up anyway. If we can get 5 or more households in your area registered, we can discuss setting up collections.

2. We'll drop off a bucket

We'll provide you with two two-litre buckets to get you started your first week. Need more or less? No worries, we can adjust for week 2. Also if you would like, when we drop your first buckets, we can stop by to say hello. We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have about the service, our environmental objectives, or if you prefer, we can just leave the buckets and get you started without having to meet face to face.

3. Fill your bucket and put it out for collection

Fill your bucket with household food scraps. Remember no meat/fish/dairy and take the pesky fruit stickers off! (For what goes in the bucket, see our FAQ.) Place full buckets in an easy to access, prominent spot; near the letterbox is good. Make sure it's a spot where buckets won't blow away.

4. Help us grow

The HCC is a self-funded operation with a majority of investments coming from out of pocket. To support the HCC as a community service, we are asking our supporters to provide a small monthly contribution through our Patreon page. Our suggested donation for our collection service is $8 per month per household. We are also happy to provide a discounted rate for apartments and concession holders.

Sign Up

Collections in Hackett are carried out Tuesday or Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings.
For Hackett residents, we recommend twice weekly collections.

Watson collections are carried out Saturday mornings

Downer collections are carried out Saturday mornings

Dickson collections are carried out Wednesday afternoons

Ainslie collections are carried out Wednesday afternoons

Braddon collections are carried out Wednesday afternoons

Even if your suburb is not listed, if you're in the inner north of Canberra, please get in touch!
If we get 5 requests in your suburb (or if you are able to organise them yourself) we can discuss setting up an additional collection day.

  • Hackett

  • Watson

  • Downer

  • Dickson

  • North Ainslie

  • Braddon

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