"The HCC is here to do the composting for you"

HCC Founder

Brook Clinton

No scraps to landfill is our mission

Organic wastes such as kitchen scraps, when sent to landfill are buried and no longer have access to oxygen or beneficial organisms. This material ends up fermenting and releasing large amounts of methane, a very potent greenhouse gas. Properly managed compost on the other hand benefits from aerobic degradative processes that transform kitchen scraps, paper and other plant materials into a rich soil amendment that helps promote the growth of new plants. It's the ultimate recycling!

Hi! I'm Brook and I started the HCC because I wanted to do something practical to help combat climate change. Composting was an easy choice because I personally find the processes of degradation and transformation incredibly fascinating and satisfying. In fact these biological (and chemical and physical) processes are so interesting to me I even slogged away and earned a PhD in the area. However rather than getting stuck into academic pursuits I find it much more rewarding to put what I know into practice. After all, composting can be boiled down into a balancing act of carbon, nitrogen, water and oxygen. Once we take care of these elements then compost can help our local and global environment in multiple ways.

Here at the HCC we recognise that not everyone has the space or time or inclination to compost their own kitchen scraps. But we'd love to do the composting for you! The HCC compost heap is hugely efficient and always hot thanks to a constant stream of kitchen scraps from dozens of local households. So rather than send your organic food waste to landfill let us take it and transform it.

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