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    Hackett Compost Collective

The HCC is a curbside collection and composting service.

We take your kitchen scraps and turn them into valuable soil amendment, avoiding the generation of methane in landfill.

By supporting the HCC you will

  • Retain our resources

  • Encourage sustainability

  • Strengthen your community

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Great compost opportunities at Mitchell Community garden

Great compost opportunities at Mitchell Community garden

Last Sunday I stopped by the Mitchell community garden for the first time. I’ve known that one exists in Mitchell for yonks but I had a hard time picturing what it might look like. What with Mitchell being one of the semi-industrial areas of Canberra, with lots of establishments squished in to a smallish area, […]


HCC is about composting together

HCC is about composting together

This week I had some really rewarding chats with fellow compost lovers. The whole point of the HCC is to lighten the mental load and to make sustainability and organic waste transformation more efficient. For some that means taking the care to source separate their veggie scraps and then leave the rest of the process […]


Open day re-cap and local (zero waste!) coffee

Open day re-cap and local (zero waste!) coffee

Last month we had the 3rd HCC open day. As per the other two open days there were plenty of folks curious to see how it was all managed, in terms of processing food scraps from lots of local households in a relatively small space. This time it was also a mini-working bee though, with […]


The HCC was started to help divert household kitchen scraps from landfill with the aim of avoiding methane generation and saving nutrients to make new soil – closing the loop in our own local community.

Learn more about us, our goals and how we got here.

Brook Clinton

HCC Founder

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