CAPITAL SCRAPS curbside collection & COMPOSTING service

We take your kitchen scraps and turn them into valuable soil amendment, avoiding the generation of methane in landfill.

How does it work?

Sign up

Prevent stinky bin juice and landfill gas by Signing Up our curbsite collection service

Receive a bucket

We'll supply a (post consumer) bucket and swap it for a clean one each week

Collect your food scraps

Collect your food scraps over the week. For a list of what goes in, check out our FAQ.

We'll pick them up

We use carbon neutral transport to make the scraps collections worthwhile (carbon accounting)

We do the composting

Scraps are taken to our super efficient and well maintained composting hubs.

Compost for the community

The compost is donated back to community gardens, schools and contributing members

Latest news

  • Although we were previously servicing 9 different suburbs across Canberra earlier this year, the households that we were collecting off were too far and few between (literally). So now we're asking for people to pledge to sign up to the service before we can operate in any particular suburb.

  • If you would like to see scraps collected and turned into compost in your suburb pledge your interest and make sure to tell all your neighbours about us!

  • We are currently running two regular drop-off points
    • Watson, Wednesday from 7:30-9:30 am
    • O'Connor, Thursday from 8-10 am 

    Drops-offs incur a $3.50 service fee unless you have already subscribed to our composting service.

Watson, YWAM community garden, Zelling st.

O'Connor, SEE-Change birdscaping reveg site, David st.

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