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The HCC is a curbside collection and composting service.

We take your kitchen scraps and turn them into valuable soil amendment, avoiding the generation of methane in landfill.

By supporting the HCC you will

  • Retain our resources

  • Encourage sustainability

  • Strengthen your community

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Spreading the compost love

Spreading the compost love

The current compost bays at HCC headquarters are pretty much at capacity. I’m always tempted to try and squeeze more and more feedstock in because, after all, any material that ends up getting composted instead of going to landfill is a win for our environment. And it’s hard to say exactly when capacity is reached […]


Mouse eviction! Or how to fix up an under-active compost bin

Mouse eviction! Or how to fix up an under-active compost bin

Probably the most common problem that can occur with backyard composting is attracting pests, particularly the rodent kind. The inside of a plastic compost bin is insulated from the elements and full of tasty treats so it’s easy to see why they are attracted to it. Another aspect of the average backyard composter is that […]


Sharing the bucket love with a far-reaching network

Sharing the bucket love with a far-reaching network

The ‘Hackett’ Compost Collective is a bit of a misnomer because you don’t have to be a Hackett resident to contribute! The name is there as more of a legacy and also a reminder that community composting works best on the local scale. Contributor Marie-Helene shows us all that the HCC can help reduce waste […]


The HCC was started to help divert household kitchen scraps from landfill with the aim of avoiding methane generation and saving nutrients to make new soil – closing the loop in our own local community.

Learn more about us, our goals and how we got here.

Brook Clinton

HCC Founder

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