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    Hackett Compost Collective

The HCC is a curbside collection and composting service.

We take your kitchen scraps and turn them into valuable soil amendment, avoiding the generation of methane in landfill.

By supporting the HCC you will

  • Retain our resources

  • Encourage sustainability

  • Strengthen your community

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Waste-wise at Polo Restaurant

Waste-wise at Polo Restaurant

When people first hear about the HCC a common ‘helpful suggestion’ is that I should ask cafes and other places that generate large amounts of food waste, if I can take it off their hands. This is the traditional business model for organics recycling: where so-called waste (no $ value) is given for free and […]


Valuing composting services

Valuing composting services

I want to write today about something I tend to be a bit sheepish about: asking people for money. Last year I was willing to run the HCC for free. Some community members wanted to pay me for compost that I was donating back, others gifted me lovely things like homemade preserves, so it certainly […]


HCC branching out

HCC branching out

It’s been a bit quiet here on the blog but rest assured that the heap has been humming away and there is more afoot at the HCC besides. I’ve been working hard to see how the HCC can divert more and more of Canberra’s household organics from landfill. For that we need more households to […]


The HCC was started to help divert household kitchen scraps from landfill with the aim of avoiding methane generation and saving nutrients to make new soil – closing the loop in our own local community.

Learn more about us, our goals and how we got here.

Brook Clinton

HCC Founder

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