Weekends are for composting!

Last weekend I went along to the North Ainslie Primary School sustainability fair. I met Jennifer from SEE-Change there and she very generously let me promote the HCC with some flyers. If you saw the flyers there then I’d love to know! Jennifer was very helpful in other ways, encouraging me to get the word out about the HCC. Thanks also to the coffee van at the fair that let me take some of the lovely nitrogen rich coffee grounds. They smelt delicious and will work wonders in the compost.

We also enjoyed the talk given by Desiree from ACT for Bees. I will be keeping an eye out for the different types of bees from now on! Desiree also gave me a great tip for a new source of compostables, the juice stall at the EPIC markets. Hubby and I routinely shop at the farmers market, this week we just attended a little earlier and dropped off a bin.

frosty AND foggy, but the markets are in there somewhere

When I went back at the end of the morning I was richly rewarded with quite a few kilos of fruit pulp.

Pretty! and it smelt heavenly too

This was great timing as I had only recently acquired a worm farm from a friend who is moving interstate. The fruit pulp is perfect for vermicomposting (feeding the worms) as it’s already cut up into little mouthfuls for them. Of course it’s great in the compost too, as the whole community in there will also appreciate the sugars and nitrogen from the fruit.

My new little helpers in their abode, near the old compost bin (currently serving as a store of dry ‘browns’)

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