Are you really doing all this for free?

Yes, but probably for a limited time only!

At the moment managing our compost heap and some local waste collection is quite feasible to carry out in my spare time even though I also work full time. And I’m happy to do it!

There are commercial organic waste collection services operating in Canberra, but these operate on a different scale, collecting from businesses or organisations, and aiming for large turnover of materials. I’d like to operate on a smaller, more local scale, because my main focus is diverting kitchen waste from households. Plenty of people already recognise that this is a good thing to do, but there are many little reasons why it is still easiest for us to put this kind of waste in the rubbish bin. I’d like to present another option. Of course many people in Hackett are already successful composters. The sharing of different waste materials in a community of composters would support those efforts further still. But really I would like to reach people in Hackett for whom composting is not a priority, or something that they’re not even interested in. For such people it might be an odd concept to pay someone to come and pick up your waste, when that already happens ‘for free’*.

I’d also love to scale up efforts, collecting from as many households as possible. I think it would be great if there was no longer any organic waste going to landfill from Hackett. With extra collections comes a larger workload, and should drive efficiencies in the actual composting. In that case a fee for service or donation based system could be the most sensible model to keep things ticking along. So if you start contributing today you can think of it as a pretty good deal!

For a comparison take a look at Kooda in Perth, a small company making a big difference!

*of course it’s not really free…

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