Buckets ready and waiting to be filled!

The sad thing about helping my friends set up their new compost heap is that their family of 5 was my best source of kitchen waste. I have been picking up multiple buckets from them regularly. Their desire to compost on site is great, and I would love to replace their feedstock source with one or a handful of sources more local to my compost heap.

Both families have been accumulating buckets of various sizes for kitchen waste collection (mostly by eating vast amounts of yoghurt…). I would love to get these buckets back into rotation! And I would love to make some collections closer to home. If you think you can fill one then hit me up on hackettcompost2602@gmail.com. The buckets range in size from 1L to 4L so even if you only produce a few carrot ends and apple cores, it all helps 🙂

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