I’m not in Hackett but would like to contribute!

You’re in luck! The Hackett Compost Collective has already expanded to nearby suburbs of Canberra.

If you’re in Watson or Downer then I can make pick-ups on Saturdays when I have to take the car out to pick up the kilos of fruit pulp that Julie’s juices kindly donates every week. I’m already collecting from a few contributors in Watson this way, and sometimes I’ll swing by Gang Gang cafe to pick up some coffee grounds also (although now I can get coffee ground’s from Wilburs too, hooray!). So it’s no trouble at all to carry out a few drive-by bucket swaps at the same time.

the large tub in this photo is empty! I’m not fit enough or well balanced enough to ride with a full 70L tub on the back!

Most of the time I try to carry out bucket swaps on the bike. The blue line in the map above is my rough commute on weekdays, with a bit of variation. I’m lucky to have bike path most of the way! So if you live in Dickson, Turner or the lower lying areas in O’Connor then I can probably pick up a bucket from your household 🙂 There are even a few contributors in Ainslie and Lyneham who live close enough to the bike path for easy collection.

Jay’s compost bin in Lyneham

Jay, who lives in Lyneham has made a very kind offer to take collections so that others can contribute also. She has an easily accessible compost bin in Lyneham (approximately where the red star is on the map above), that people can drop their waste off at.  Lauren in Belconnen is a contributor that has already taken up the offer. Periodically I will collect the partially composted materials from Jay’s bin to finish them off.

Jane in Campbell is another person helping to spread the compost collective idea throughout Canberra. Jane would like to set up a local compost collective focused on the suburb of Campbell, but running in a similar way to the HCC.

If you’re interested in any of these options to divert your kitchen waste from landfill then give me a bell at hackettcompost2602@gmail.com and I’ll pass on details for Jay or Jane and/or supply you with a lidded bucket to get to started.


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