Looking for a source of buckets

The HCC has lots of new contributors and buckets are filling fast. Right now I’m keeping up with washing out the buckets to get them back into circulation but we are looking to be a little short on buckets in the near future. I’m happy to purchase some new buckets and brand them with the HCC stencil (although I’ve learnt that this doesn’t really work on cold Canberra days when the spray paint drips before drying!). But in the spirit of waste reduction, it’d be great to get my hands on some more post-consumer buckets. I worked in Woolies deli’s for years and I know that they throw out stacks of buckets. Most of these are not quite the right size though, being a little too big for counter top kitchen waste collection. But if anyone works in hospitality and sees smallish buckets, about 2-4L in size being thrown out then I’d be super grateful if you could put some aside for the HCC 🙂

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