Interested in composting yourself but just can’t find the time? Use HCC to bridge the gap!

There is a common theme among many new HCC members and it goes a little something like this: “I’ve been meaning to start my own compost heap but just haven’t got around to it yet!” Like many things in our busy lives we can easily end up feeling a little guilty or at least preoccupied when there are good intentions but the new habits have not yet solidified.

This was the experience of HCC member Katia. Katia grew up with parents who were keen gardeners and there were always a few chooks around to take care of most of the kitchen waste. Throwing veggie scraps into the landfill bin wasn’t the normal routine. Once Katia started her own household she intended to start composting but was busy setting up other things and taking care of little ones. At the same time she found herself becoming more conscious of the issue of waste. Katia started looking around for ways to become more sustainable by reducing her overall waste footprint. Without a compost heap of her own Katia found that she didn’t like throwing out the leftovers after misjudging the kids appetite for morning porridge or the many fruit peels etc. Luckily this meant that Katia was just in the right mindset to become a HCC contributor!

With a family of four Katia and co. generated many large buckets of kitchen scraps last year. And the fact that her kids were excited to see me pick up those buckets makes up for the Springtime magpie swooping that was involved in the process 🙂

This year though Katia has become a HCC graduate. The family got themselves a lovely compost bin and have been dutifully adding to it, making sure to supplement the kitchen scraps with dry materials from the garden. Katia says that HCC helped her to bridge the gap between intention and action and now the whole family are in on the composting act. They’re now using a tumbler style composter that has a gear mechanism to make the turning easy enough even for the kids to help out. Katia and family are looking forward to using their very own compost in the garden in the next few months to grow their own edibles with.

So to anyone out there thinking of starting to compost soon, you are quite welcome to divert your kitchen scraps to the HCC in the meantime. In fact there is another HCC member who graduated at the same time as Katia and they live on the same street! Spooky!, perhaps there is something in the water? The more people composting the better 🙂

Thank you to Katia for letting me share your story. I’m hoping this will be the first in a series of community member profiles so that I can share all of the ways that people interact with and contribute to the HCC. And although Katia is no longer contributing scraps to HCC headquarters she remains a part of our composting community. I’m always on hand to answer any questions about composting (even if I have to do a little research first) and of course it will be lovely to see all of the green and vibrant things that result from using our scraps in a much better way.



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