Good quality compost!

The current HCC arrangement of 4 seperate composting bays is quite full, now that lots of lovely people are donating kitchen scraps (and leaves, and horse manure). Therefore it’s time to shift some compost! I’ve been maturing (hoarding) the beautiful sieved product by letting it sit untouched in a 60L bin for some weeks now. But I need to make way for more of the same. Today I added some of the sieved compost fines as a top dressing to some of my favourite plants in the garden. It should give them a boost as they relax into the mild Spring weather.

Top row: compost/potting mix half/half; bottom row: potting mix only

I also carried out a little bioassay of the compost about a month ago. I added cheap potting mix to one row of a seedling punnet, to another row I added a blend of potting mix and compost, one part each. Then I sprinkled some dill seeds on top and waited. Luckily I didn’t have to wait long and the seedlings are looking great! Does anyone else want to try with a different type of seed? I set aside the rest of the finished compost so that other HCC members can use it to raise their own seedlings 🙂

The rest of this finished compost was ‘divvied up’ into small tubs and buckets and is on offer to contributors to the HCC. If you’re not keen on raising seedlings then it’s also a great top dressing for indoor plants. As it has been produced with hot composting I can’t guarantee that all seeds have been destroyed so you may get some tomato seedlings anyhow! When I get around to it I’ll put a donation box out front also, in case you’d like to reward the hard work : ) but you can also donate to the HCC in general via the patreon page.

I also dug some non-sieved compost into the garden, around the base of some fruit trees. Therefore there is once again room in the first bay to keep transforming the kitchen scraps. Keep up the great work HCC!

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