Will it compost? – avocado pits

Yes! Absolutely, put them in the buckets 🙂

I used to tell people not to put avocado pits in the compost, as I’d find whole pits months later. These were not degrading even after quite a long time in the compost bin.  However, we have to remember what wonderful little containers seeds are; protecting the plants genetic resources until conditions are right for germination. Seeds have tough outer layers but once these are disrupted then the goodies inside either perish (eg. after a predator bites a chunk out of the seed), or the seed quickly transforms this material into a growing plant.

What does this have to do with an avocado pit/seed??

Well, once we break open the seed it becomes vulnerable to degradation. Therefore, if you’re putting an avocado seed in the collection bucket it’s great if you can chop it in half first. This can be a bit tricky with a kitchen knife, so feel free to pop them in whole. I will spot these and easily crack them with the spade 🙂

Oh and the avocado skins may look tough, but they break down quite quickly, and are excellent compost feedstock.

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